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Stella Guan is a queer, non-binary artist from Brooklyn, New York. They studied Fine Arts and Creative Writing at the American University of Paris. They are also a tattoo artist. 

Stella has had an interest in art since childhood, often occupying themselves with making little books full of drawings. emulating their experiences. It wasn't until 2019 that they started experimenting with different mediums and developing their own style.

Having grown up in a challenging household with difficult family relationships, and dealing with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), Stella uses their art and writing as the ultimate form of expression.

By translating deeply rooted, emotionally scarring experiences into their paintings, as well as deep, raw impulsive feelings, Stella challenges not only themselves but also their viewers to delve into the most horrifying, bitter, and hurt parts of themselves. 

With their paintings, Stella hopes to bring awareness to the difficulties of living with a mental health disorder and being a trauma survivor, as well as bring light to the topics of cultural identity, gender identity, and sexuality. 

Photo of Stella Guan a non-binary, queer artist. They have two lip piercings, a nose piercing, and short brown hair. They are wearing a lime green shirt and they have make-up on. 


2020 | Skin Mutts: A Conversation about Cultural Identity | Group Exhibition

2020 | Toula Gallery: Summer's Over | Group Exhibition

2021 | The Holy Art: “Rebirth” | Virtual Group Exhibition

2021 | The Holy Art: “Identity” | Virtual Group Exhibition

2021 | The Holy Art: “Utopia” | Virtual Group Exhibition

2021 | Skin Mutts II: Layers of Cultural Identity | Group Exhibition

2024 | The Holy Art: Paris | Group Exhibition


2021 | Reclaim Pride Coalition: Queer Liberation March 

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