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Bad Parenting

2020, 24x18 cm

The narcissism, homophobia, racism, and misogyny my parents exhibited resulted in them being lacking role models in my life. Additionally, their emotional immaturity proved to me their lack in understanding parenting methods and me. 



2021, 24x18 cm

There have been many instances in the past where I managed to ruin my own party. I had a tendency to blame everyone around me rather than understand that I was the one causing issues. I am incredibly sensitive to mood changes and shifts in my environment, sometimes too sensitive. In those moments I tend to push too hard, or get too anxious that I end up sabotaging my own chance to relax and be happy. 


I Wish You Did, Mommy

2020, 24x18 cm

I needed her to protect me. I feel like she could have done better. I never thought someone would have to protect me from her. 


Just Sit Back, Relax

2020, 24x18 cm

I feel as though I am rarely in a completely relaxed state. There is almost always something ringing in the back of my head haunting me, taunting me, playing on my biggest fears. Sometimes it feels like dying is the only way I’ll ever turn my brain off and be at peace. 

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